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We made our web page!!

You can now see our products & find how to go our shop..

We are looking foward to your continued support. Thank you.


High-grade fresh sweets

New fresh leaves sprout from early spring to the summer, and the colors of the leaves on trees turn to fresh green. How are you doing lately?

The other day, one of our customer said he would go to a cafe his friend run with good gift. That cafe serves dishes using the best of the each season's ingredients. Then he came up with my shop! He said Your shop did the same way. You can see photos of the high-grade fresh sweets we made at that time. We created seasonal sweets inspired by flowers & plants in May & June.

You can reserve the high-grade fresh sweets by asking & please reserve a week in advance, thank you.


Made-to-order sweets

It's so hot in Tokyo that it's already like summer...How's going these days?

The other day, our new customer ordered many manju from us. He ordered them as regular purchase so we accept them as special order. You can see that manju below. It's green tea manju.

It is the same as the last high-grade fresh sweets, We can provide sweets meeting YOUR needs like suits made at savile Row. Please feel free to contact us about the kind, size, price and so on.

green tea manju